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5 Tips for Writing a Persuasive ‘About Us’ Page

Do you want to maintain an engaging and compelling website? Make sure to make engaging content for your webpages. Don’t just write dull, short bios. A well-optimized, well-written About Us page, for instance, can positively impact your online presence. It is one of the most efficient marketing tools to be the Best Website Design Company.

An About Us page is a principal element of any business website. When used strategically, it can tell more than a company’s history. It provides a chance to convert website readers to customers. Below are 5 helpful tips in writing an effective About Us page.

1. Inspire trust.Gender Peace And Reconciliation Blue Pink by GDJ

Improve your business’ credibility by showing off testimonials, awards and social proof in your About Us page. At some point, it will appear that you are bragging, but this is a crucial factor in proving to your target market that you are worthy of their trust.

2. Put a face to the name.

Introduce your entire team to customers. They would surely love to know the staff behind the business. Add photos of your business employees in the About Us page. If there is the need to hire a professional photographer, then do it. Interesting and approachable images of yourself and your staff will help website visitors feel like they know you. This can encourage trust, and establish your credibility.

3. Include call-to-action buttons and statements.

Lead your customers towards the right direction. After reading your company history at the About Us page, you need to establish what is next for your target customers. What should they do next? Place a contact form at the bottom part of the page. Then, include effective call-to-action statements and buttons. Through this, you can easily convert visitors to customers.

4. Write about your audience, not just yourself.Female Computer User (#5) by oksmith

It’s called an About Us page, but it is not all about your brand and your business. Write something about your audience. Clearly, website visitors searched for your offerings, and read your website because they are trying to solve something.

Include something about them in your About Us writing. If they are going to do business with you, they need to check if they are indeed part of your objectives. What types of problems can you solve? What kind of solutions can you offer?

5. Share what you do, and why you do it.

Don’t just tell your target market what you do. You also need to tell them why you are doing it. Remember that customers don’t just purchase based on logic alone. Emotions play a big part in this matter. Tell your customers what inspires you to run your business.

A website’s About Us page is one of the most crucial pages in a website. Don’t forget to include it in your content strategy.