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Men and Sex

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During my career as a sex therapist, I have been able to sit down and explore their sex feelings, personal life and desires with thousands of people. I don’t know obviously what it feels like to be a guy, but I had the privilege to listen to the male supplement perspective on sex. And while each man is different, there are of course certain universal themes:

Sex is energy

Sexuality adds promise and excitement to a man’s interpersonal relationships. The hormonal energy provides him with the desire and anger to seek and achieve his life ‘s goal. He drives through everyday monotony, distracted at the end of a difficult day by the idea of a sexual reward.

For men, sex is a hunger.

Yeah, he wants to be full. However, his cravings for sex are as if he were wanting chocolates: every sexual episode presents the excellent chance of an incredible confection — maybe smooth, creamy or rich buttery, maybe raw and bittersweet, or silky soft. The idea of being an occasion to be pleased and delighted fascinates his mind. Without dessert, one day is hardly full. However, a fight against his wife, for example, can still ruin his appetite in the sense of the relationship.

Sex begins in the body.

While the desire of women for sex may be motivated by their minds, memory or emotional relations, the desire of men is physical. Men have large quantities of testosterone in their bodies that propel them towards sexual pleasure and move them forward. Erections spring in young men at the slightest provocation. And seeing an adult man naked from a shower causes his wife or girlfriend to respond. The way your physical chemistry orients your mental photography towards sexuality is hard to overestimate.

Sex is excitement. 

It is the most exciting experience in life. His body is a big fun machine he wants to take complete pleasure in. Since orgasm is generally reliable and quick, a variety of sexual actions, positions and rhythms are a great way to explore and deepen your gratitude. Every male brain hit, whether fantasied or actual, every mental flirtation, smile, innuendo, shapely figure, or sexual image. His brainwaves are angry at something or someone that reminds him of sex.

Sex is love. 

Sexual liberation helps men feel at home at last. Sex embodies love and care, provides soothing and encouragement after hurt and challenges worldwide. Although he may be charged with “wanting sex” only, most men want a far more emotional relationship than a mere physical release. Life creates an abundance of affection towards his partner and stimulates generosity, faith and optimism in relation to others. The most reassuring part of his relationship can be desired by his partner. Although most women would want an emotional connection before a physical relationship, sexually connected men are also required to make emotional vulnerability feel secure enough. Finally, in a relationship male sex drive is a blessing — another road to love.

Sex is the way he gives love. 

When the partner turns on, the most sexually satisfying moment is often described by men. It’s distasteful when men’s preference for sexual relationships makes them selfish. There is hope of shared, sublime physical gratification in their center. He often conceives and fantasies how to improve it and seeks information about her erotic desires just to be a lover.