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How to Fix Your Funnel: 6 Things to Remove From Your Website Immediately

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1. Press Releases

Press releases are not blog posts. They are not entertaining or educational, and not specifically created for press members. These are just materials copied and pasted into the pages, or uploaded as PDFs.

2. Testimonials Page

If your online marketing agency tells you to display testimonials on your website, then think again. These are forms of social proof, and key components of neuromarketing and web design. However, these part is rarely visited, and can be taken out of context. Just check tour website analytics.

3. Vague Headlines

Unfortunately, many homepage headlines fail to say what the brand or business does. What they show instead are general statements about value or quality. Keep in mind that your headline should answer the question “am I at the right place?” Get rid of all the vague headlines.

4. Social Media Icons at the Header

Social media traffic is good, but only if everything flows on your favor. When people leave your pages to head to a social media network, it certainly won’t help your goals. Chances are, they won’t return.

5. Meaningless Section Headers

When some parts of a web page are broken up into much smaller sections, these sections often get their own headers. These little website headers are not really helpful, and oftentimes, confuse visitors.

6. Dates on the Blog Posts

Do you offer helpful articles that never go out of style? Evergreen, how-to articles are relevant forever, so they don’t really need dates. If you think your content would be just as helpful in the coming months and years, it’s best to remove the date.