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5 Types of Architects and What They Do

The field of architecture is a vast one. Whenever someone graduates from an undergraduate course, there are so many different career options to choose from.

You can work in a landscape architecture company and you can create outdoor spaces that are fit for the public’s consumption. Heck, with the things that you can learn from the course, you can actually become a game designer if you desire.

In today’s article, I will talk about some types of architects and what they actually do.

Residential Architect

These people specialize in the creation and standardization of residential houses. Not only are they able to create amazing houses but they can also specialize in low-cost housing as well.

Residential architects will talk to their clients and ask them about how they want their house to be done. In other words, they will talk about the client’s requirements so that they can create the necessary layouts, plans, and elevations.

In addition, after talking to the client, they can give them a rough estimate of the entire costs of the project and may even give a flexible timeline as to when the home project will be completed.

Green Design Architect

With the changes in climate and the huge decline in our overall non-renewable energy sources, there is now a need for implementing green design architecture.

An architecture graduate can become a green design architect and they are mainly responsible for the creation of indoor and outdoor spaces that adhere to energy-efficient architectural designs.

They use innovative methods in making sure that the buildings that they create will provide ample shade, as well as using materials that can actually help the environment.

Industrial Architect

There is no doubt that offices and huge companies would require a relative huge building to house all of their employees. The need for an industrial facility that adheres to new innovations in the architectural field is necessary.

Thus, industrial architects would specialize in creating a suitable environment that will help the continuing efficient of industrial processes. They are able to design functional and efficient buildings that are robust enough to stand the test of time.

Interior Designer

Of course, buildings, when they are completed, look barren and boring. No one can get really efficient in doing their jobs without the proper equipment and the proper environment. That is where the interior designer comes in.

An architecture graduate can become an interior designer and they will help put style in the interior of a particular building. Whether it is part of an apartment, a restaurant, an office, or even your home, they are able to make it more lively and more efficient.

Urban Designer

Urban design actually encompasses many things and they specialize in making sure that urban development is going through its natural course.

Urban designers specialize in landscape design, building architecture, all while incorporating the principles of green design- making the structure energy-efficient.

They also assist in the planning of new structural developments, thus giving cities a sense of order.