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A Short Guide for Young Architects: 5 Questions You Must Ask When Selecting Which Architecture Company to Work For

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1. Do their values and ideas align well with your own goals and values?

All architecture students want to work at a top architect company in Malaysia someday. But, don’t decide on reputation alone. The company’s goal and values must align well with yours. If you are career driven and family oriented, you would want a company that caters to a good work/life balance. Pick a firm that is not only family oriented, but also fosters a good relationship with the community.

2. Does the company’s work and projects align with your interests and passion?

There are many companies that work in many sectors, from
airports and health care to educational and hospitality industry. Some firms specialize in just 1 or 2 sectors. Make sure to do research before finalizing your career decisions. You must interested in the type of work that they do. If a company operates on multiple sectors, inquire if you will be working strictly in a single sector, or if you will have the chance to move sectors.

3. How does the architecture company operate? How is their office set up?

Is the company set up to have its own design team and production staff? If you want to work on design and production, then a firm with both teams is the way to go. Some offices have many associates and principals leading to their very own studios within the establishment. This means that you can have the chance to work on each phase of the project, and get to know the studio team well. This amazing set up can have tons of benefits, but if not managed properly, it can experience drawbacks.

4. Do they provide professional growth and development opportunities?

There several ways architecture companies support employees, and encourage them throughout their careers. Do they pay for their AREs (Architecture Registration Exams) or LEED (Energy and Environmental Design)? Ask if they have a study group or study materials at the office. Are they willing to pay for classes and seminars? Do they provide in-house training for update programs?

5. Is the benefit and salary package as good as other companies?

This is quite difficult to figure. The only way to know is to ask. In making a decision regarding this, don’t undervalue yourself. You spent many years in earning your degree to be considered as a professional.