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5 Fun Things to Do in Malacca at Night

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Melaka is a city in Malaysia that was deemed by UNESCO as one of the world’s heritage sites back in 2008. Despite its much smaller landmass compared to Kuala Lumpur, there are actually a lot of amazing things that you can do in this relatively small city.

In fact, Melaka (as known by locals today) is one of the places to be when you want to party at night. Whether you want to go bar hopping or having fun with some fine escort girls, the city’s nightlife is definitely something to consider when you’re going to Malaysia.
In today’s article, I will go over some of the fun things that you can do in Melaka at night.

GoGo KTV Lounge

The GoGo KTV Lounge is not your ordinary KTV place as it is built and shaped like a Jetty. That is why it has become quite a popular tourist destination, especially for people who want to party during the night.

It is built just between Mahkota Melaka and Holiday Inn Melaka. Despite its small stature when you look at the place from the outside, it actually has plenty to offer.

Not only can you find a great place to sing some of your most favorite songs, but they also offer some of the best alcoholic drinks in the world.

Mixx Club

Considered as the premier nightclub in the city, the Mixx Club gained such popularity because of the place and because of the DJs that are playing at the venue.

It is built like just any other superclub in that it has an industrial warehouse vibe to it, along with some colorful neon lighting that syncs up to the rhythm that is placed at the time.

The club has two sections: One is the Paradox where you can find DJs play electro and techno beats. The other is Arris where you can find live bands playing some live tunes while you’re sipping your favorite cocktail or something.

Hard Rock Café

If you’re a frequent traveler and have been to many places before, the name of the café might sound familiar to you. Considered by the locals as one of the premier nightlife spots, Hard Rock Café doesn’t disappoint.

Aside from some blasting Rock music, you can also listen to some pop and blues bands as well.

Lorong Hang Jebat

If reggae music is what you want, then head on over to Reggae on the River in Lorong Hang Jebat. This place offers a pleasant and vibrant ambiance where you can enjoy some reggae music along with some fine cocktails. The price is also quite inexpensive as well.

Epicureo Restaurant

Located within Hatten Square, Epicureo Restaurant and Bar Lounge is another nocturnal crowd’s dream place to be.

Aside from their amazing foods, there are live performances that are playing every night. I highly recommend that you try their pork dishes since they are the best in the city.

Because of the popularity of the resto, be sure to book a reservation, days before you come to visit.